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Magazine Web Design Firm Advontemedia Launches Vertical Digital Magazines

For Immediate Release:

Murrieta, California, USA – Advontemedia has launched a new vertical magazine edition publishing service for print and digital magazine publishers. The company started in 2009 to focus on publication web design and digital strategies and now works with startup, independent, and group magazine publishing clients to create modern magazine website designs with online revenue strategies. The firm’s digital publishing consultants understand the unique challenges and opportunities for publishers seeking increased engagement of digital magazine editions for modern audiences. The company’s new digital edition platform VERTIQUL™ allows publisher clients to display responsive vertical editions custom designed from existing print magazine design assets.

Vertical Digital Edition Magazine Platform

Modern Magazine Web Editions – Vertical Magazines

For Magazine Publishers Digital magazine service launching soon! Vertical editions magazine publishing platform info Learn More Magazine Publishing Evolution The dawn of the modern magazine is upon us! The future of digital magazines is not what most people envision based on the current horizontal digital edition layout of pages automatically generated from a traditional print layout design format. It's been a year...

Magazine Strategy

Magazine Strategy

As a publisher, you’re magazine brand is the center of the universe for your niche. The primary niche will have ancillary audience support and benefits from these sub audiences or perhaps even general audience traffic to help elevate impression metrics. However, the material objectives and mission must service your primary target niche audience and...

Magazine Media Defined

Modern Magazine Media

There is so much opportunity for inspiration around innovative magazine brands and web UX resources for the modern publisher, we started a section to identify and cite examples that inspire our magazine web design team. In one of our first "Get Inspired" posts we examine the current magazine media formats with our own Advontemedia definition of the...

Digital Publishing Opportunities for Print Publishers

Print Newspapers and Magazine Publishers Have Innovative Ideas All Around Us Seek out the examples of both success and failure for digital publishing initiatives. Ten years ago, many of us in the digital publishing space could see that print publishers had a bright future online. Digital opportunity was theirs to lose. After all, they had the greatest advantage...

Mobile Web Design for Publishers

Today there is increasing buzz about the need for a proper mobile strategy for publishers.  Just about every vendor or solution has their own version of how their product satisfies the mobile gap. Just a few years ago, "mobile" meant that a basic mobile phone could easily view the publisher website.  As smartphones advanced in their ability...