Do Not Sell My Personal Information

CCPA Policy

“Do not track me or sell my personal information request” or “Do Not Sell My Personal Information”


We do not sell our direct publisher database of clients or interested publishers.  We do not collect information for our publisher clients and we do not sell or control information about visitors to the site we manage and host.

We may share your details with selected 3rd parties, where you have opted in for us to do so. If you change your mind at anytime you can opt out of the sale of personal data by using this link 

To request information at any time about the information and any specific solution partner that may have access or handled your information please contact us at service@ the main domain name for this website.

To submit requests for information about any of your personal data please use the contact us section or call 1-951-256-4944.

You do not need to be a California USA resident to request information or request removal from our database.

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