Publishing Business Digital Revenue Maximization

Publishing Business Digital Revenue Maximization

Double Publication Brand Digital Revenue for 2019

It's time to update digital advertising inventory offering for 2019 publication media kits. Every publishing business model has unique digital capabilities and our consulting engagement is based on delivering the strategic ideas that can be reasonably implemented immediately to begin booking 2019 digital revenue.
This two week engagement includes 2 consulting call sessions:
Call 1 - Discovery and Publication Growth Objectives
Call 2 - Presentation of the Outline for Digital Revenue Growth
During the initial call, we will determine the current status of print based advertising partnerships and any existing digital advertiser participation.

Cost: $2500 | Time: 2 Weeks
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Campaign FAQ's
1. What's Included?

The recommendations for this initial campaign engagement are centered on broader strategy concepts for the types of inventory and offerings that can drive significantly more revenue through brand digital offerings to advertisers. This is anticipated to be a one page strategic outline and not a full marketing strategy plan. The publishing team should craft the specific offerings and workflows from the consultant recommendations.

2. What about Follow Up Support / Consultation

If requested, we will provide an option for assistance in implementation and execution of the recommendations or an additional one time payment for 10-20 additional hours of consulting support over the next 12 months.

3. What other costs are involved in supporting the recommendations?

a) Website – The consultants will review the current website. Any recommendations for website update/enhancement will include a general market timeframe and market cost estimate. Changes to be made by the publishing team or a 3rd party. If the publisher has no capability of making CMS structure upgrades, the recommendation will be focused on utilizing the current site and a modified content strategy to achieve new advertising structure and sponsored segment options.

b) Digital Editions
– The consultants will review the digital publications offering. Existing platform and vendor utilization will be the foundation of improvements for revenue as well as modern tools such as VERTIQUL where an additional investment is required.

c) Email Newsletters – The consultants will review the current email vehicle, frequency, and niche engagement. Recommendations will likely involve modifications to the layout and template for the email. These can be performed in-house or by a 3rd party. General inventory recommendations will be provided and not specific layout specifications in this initial engagement.

d) Social Media – The consultants will review the current social media content strategy and advertising capabilities. Updates for promotion graphics should have minimal cost impact to publisher. Workflow may include additional weekly social media engagement and posting to support new revenue packages.

e) Campaign Solutions for Sponsors – New advertising solutions should be developed with the intent to provide immediate value to major advertiser participants. When existing digital audience or traffic is below typical CPM benchmark results, it’s necessary to achieve focused result benchmarks with allocation of a reasonable percentage of the received revenue. The consultants will provide enough guidance to begin this process to confirm results to initial new major advertising partners.

4. What preparation is required for this short consulting engagement?

A worksheet will be provided for basic information that any person involved in the brand advertising and revenue functions can answer in approximately 1 hour.

5. When is the payment due?

The one time payment is due 3 business days prior to the call.

6. How many publishing team participants may join the calls?

We invite you to include any person on your publishing team to the discovery and high level recommendations conference calls. However, the call can also be facilitated with just one key member of the publishing team with the knowledge of the current publishing operations and current digital capabilities.

7. Do we need a print magazine to participate in this offer?

The consultants seek to leverage the existing print publication model for the digital growth and the campaign double growth terms, but if a digital only brand seeks guidance without those lofty results expectations from this brief engagement, we will perform a custom recommendation for revenue enhancement for a digital only publication.

About the Consultants
David Warren

David Warren Digital Media Consultant

David Warren is a consultant and strategist for digital media, data, and marketing, with expertise in driving change and launching new businesses and products. The creation, management, and marketing of online businesses and products has been the focus of David’s career for over twenty years.

He has held positions including VP of Data & Marketing Technology, VP of Digital Media, and Director of Product Management for Digital Media at one of the largest B2B media companies in the USA. David was responsible at this firm for shaping and executing digital vision and strategy across a portfolio of forty media businesses and over one-hundred websites, mobile apps, and other digital properties.

Prior experience includes over a decade at a major global manufacturer, leading global online marketing and e-commerce efforts, CRM, and sales/marketing processes. He has extensive international experience, highlighted by three years based in Europe.

Industry group membership includes Connectiv/SIIA Digital Council, BPA Digital Officers Advisory Group, International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP), and Chief Digital Officers Council. David has spoken at numerous conferences and co-authored articles on Internet business that have appeared in peer-reviewed journals, and holds an MBA from Oklahoma State University.

David Blankenship

David Blankenship Digital Media Consultant

David Blankenship is a digital media publishing and user interaction UX consultant. David works with small and large content producers, organizations, and corporations to provide website, digital strategy, and design solutions for maximum advertising revenue and the audience digital experience.

Currently the President and owner of of Advontemedia Inc, David has provided strategy and design for over 125 publisher digital publishing and web design projects since starting agency design services for publishers in 2004.

With 30 years experience in sales, marketing, and business management, additional business experience includes adoption and implementation of customer relationship management software, e-commerce, supply chain management, and digital media marketing solutions. David graduated from California State University Sacramento with a BA in Business and Marketing Concentration and is an Alumni of the Sigma Chi Fraternity.

Specialties: Publishing technology, user experience (UX) design, user interface (UI) design, digital and vertical editions, publishing consultant, magazine web design, digital media kits, advertising sales, digital publishing, digital media, strategic online marketing, magazine publishing, and digital magazines.

Consulting Campaign Offer Terms:

The double revenue applies to projected new revenue for 2019 over current year actual digital revenue for publications currently achieving less than 20% of their revenue from website and digital sources. For publications already achieving up to 40% digital revenue from the publication brand, we're confident in estimating a $50,000 or greater increase projection from our strategy engagement recommendations. If we're not able to provide the double revenue or minimum $50,000 new revenue recommendations, the consulting team will continue working for an additional 2 weeks to provide additional advertising or audience growth strategies and an additional 1 hour recommendation call for the revised and second recommendations consulting session.

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