Publisher Strategy Approach Recommendation

We know publishers have both questions and their own ideas about digital optimization of their websites and digital editions. This recommendation is a first step and provides a high level digital brand review and growth opportunities discussion.
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Digital Publishing Consultant Review

The digital publishing consultant review provides considerations for publishing companies seeking magazine industry vendors to quote work. It’s also an opportunity to determine is a managed services partnership is a fit for both companies. There’s often enough potential revenue to justify an initial service program where all the media inventory selling and lead generation tools are created for the publisher to sell digital now. The modernization and design enhancements performed to the current publisher site bring revenue to the partnership in the first month. Website redesign and CMS solution upgrades are staged as part of the partnership scope. Publisher wins, advertiser wins, and Advontemedia wins with all partners working together to make sure visitors and publication audience see value in the website platform.

Vendor Partnership Engagements

Typical vendor partnership engagements begin based only on the initial publisher stated objective. We present what we observe are the most important considerations and recommend a cost effective and rapid approach to deliver maximum results. This small investment of time and money can expedite and reduce costs of any other digital investment planned by the publisher.

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What are the typical next steps after the publishing business digital strategy recommendation?

Most publishers have at least one immediate need that prompted an interest in improvement to the current online strategy. After the initial call and follow up, the publisher will have a strong understanding of the areas for greatest improvement and the methods to pursue a specific strategy. The publisher will be quoted or presented a partnership revenue share for any additional work Advontemedia is approved to begin. This includes detailed strategy items relating to the design and architecture of the magazine website, digital editions, digital media kit or marketing elements such as eNewsletters and social marketing for audience development. Elements of the strategy might be completed in-house or via 3rd party software or vendor tools where Advontemedia can also perform design, setup, and configuration. Positioning the publisher to understand factors that should be included in the full digital strategy allows the publisher to build core elements such as the website and digital editions in a manner that focuses on the audience member and improves their connection and engagement with the publisher brand niche. WE are happy to work alongside existing publishing staff already assigned to the website or digital strategy initiatives.

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