Vertical Magazine Digital Editions

Vertical editions represent the logical evolution for digital magazine publishing editions. Magazine issue content layout presented in a beautiful user controlled touch or scroll vertical orientation. A designed HTML5 responsive layout viewport alternative to the dated horizontal page-by-page print replica flip-page format.
VERTIQULDigital Editions

VERTIQUL by Advontemedia is a vertical editions publishing solution to produce designed magazine content vertically for a modern reader experience. Visit site

Our solution solves the major challenge digital editions face with low engagement and readership past the first few pages of the issue. A modern digital user experience is based on a vertical newsfeed or flow UX pattern. This format is replacing the traditional magazine publisher print-replica flip edition software tools with a format audiences can read on any device.

This digital magazine is different.  This digital magazine publishing system is NOT an auto-generated or PDF produced output 2 page up print layout horizontal pattern.  The new vertical edition DOESN’T require readers to pinch, zoom, position columns and then continue flipping pages and waiting for each set of pages to load.

The digital magazine publishing solution has adopted a digital design workflow approach to existing publisher magazine print issue files.  The platform can also be utilized to create a completely new digital-only magazine or marketing publication content. The vertical editions allow readers to have full control over their issue and publishers can extend creativity and engagement within every issue.

The Modern Digital Edition
  • No Page Flipping, Page by Page Clicking or Waiting for Pages to Load
  • Preserve Value for Digital Edition Advertisers
  • Vertically Designed Editions Responsive to the Device Viewport
  • No Magazine Apps, Newsstand or Software Downloads Required for Readers
  • No Clunky Toolbar Interface Where Users Can’t Easily Find Out How to View Issue
  • Vertical Magazines Solve the Problem: People Don’t Keep Clicking old Digital Editions

Every issue is available to readers on any device without the complexity of apps, newsstands, or digital edition software that doesn’t keep up with the way we want to read designed magazine content today.

View Modern Digital Edition Examples
Digital Editions vs Magazine Website

The future of magazine publishing is digital. Vertical editions are the digital editions for modern magazine publishing. A digital edition may represent the digital version of a print layout magazine or may be an exclusively digital magazine. Today’s digital publishing industry can clearly go beyond ‘flip-page’ digital replica as was once the only conceivable transition for print magazines to digital format. We distinguish “The Issue” from other brand relevant published content on the website. And, there is great value in preservation of the designed periodical as a deliverable with unique editorial, curated information augmented to the niche, and design for a maximized user experience.

This digital magazine can be designed in a vertical UX format to enhance viewability and preserve the advertising capabilities that the traditional print magazine experience always provided readership. The website is unique from this deliverable and is the core of the publishing business model. Even print magazines will leverage their websites to grow audience and as many magazines become digital only brands, it’s more important than ever, that the website and digital edition platform work cohesively together.

Innovative Magazine Digital Editions

The digital edition is the periodic deliverable leveraging the ALWAYS ON publication website


Our goal as publisher web design and digital magazine consultants is to make sure the digital strategy and graphic presentation of content supports the unique and specific magazine publishing business model. We focus on immediate improvement and alignment in redesigns for the right strategy mix to maximize revenue and readership opt-in subscriber growth for your publication. We invite you to contact us for a basic consulting engagement to audit your current situation and receive recommendations for steps and revenue maximization actions you can take immediately to align your brand for both audience and revenue growth in a digital publishing future for your magazine.

Digital Edition Publishing Revenue

The magazine issue is a priceless asset for the publishers that orchestrate the design and style of the periodical.  Distinct from the differences of a website or trying to stuff multimedia into a print edition layout; the mechanics of a digital media based edition both reference editorial design and advertising enhancement. We share the strategies to ensure the cost of every issue is justified.  Each new magazine edition becomes your new best issue.  The digital edition platform slogan, “Every Issue Matters.”  And as digital publishing consultants we understand, “Profitability Matters Too.”

Flip Edition Software or Platform Users

We welcome users of the traditional flipping page platform tools to our solutions.  As publishing consultants, we have implemented many flip edition tools over the past 20 years.  Our leadership creative team originally launched one of the first flip format digital magazine solutions.  We loved the UX until we saw how difficult the page pinch and zoom was and that content engagement for mobile editions was never going to provide a delightful responsive experience.  Advontemedia tried development prototypes of dozens of better digital publication tools and found that even native apps had significant problems in keeping content access simple. With all our user experience knowledge, we set a course to create a modern and fully hosted Saas digital platform model for publishers.  Branded to the publisher so their publication never presented on generic newsstand or archive urls and always have subscriber growth and revenue in mind to make sure the system was profitable for the publisher.   Today, many digital publishers are going digital first, or digital only and some even ending their print magazine edition in favor of a fully digital newsletter or magazine offering.  We know that every media company has a business model that’s evolving past the traditional do-it-yourself flippers and seek to impact audience with both true readability and accessibility.  We’re ready to listen to your needs for a very reasonable investment in a service approach that is custom designed to meet the publishing brand’s business model.