We created Advontemedia to help magazine publishers secure the future of their brands in digital media formats.
Our office is located in Southern California. We service clients in North America and consult with International and Global publishing companies.
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Building Stories for MagazineAudiences

We have many stories too! A history about our experience serving the magazine publishing industry during the past 13 years that drive our passion for innovative digital publishing. We seek to create the type of experience modern audiences seek and strive to create opportunities for advertisers that deliver value beyond ink on paper for today’s (and tomorrow’s) digital culture.

Prior to 2010, we watched the print newspaper business react to the Internet. The Internet provided the perfect medium for news, interaction, and citizen media. The news was not yet social but forums and discussion lists began to provide the foundations for community online. Search engines provided exposure to good content. Magazine publishers began to realize that their content also had value online.

As content began to drive traffic and online brands we learned that the most successful content online was visual, interactive, entertaining, interesting, new… Yes, the most valuable content was polished periodical content. More than text, it was content that connected with the readers in the same way the print magazine connected the print subscriber.

In 2005, everyone realized that media had changed forever. The ownership of a niche audience was no longer the content, community, and presentation from the publication website. The niche brand now exists in every major social platform. Those publishers growing their audience, their readers, their fans, and their subscribers will own more than a content niche.

As of 2020, publisher media kits must contain digital inventory and a modern digital publication. Magazine publishers that survive, thrive, and grow will leverage digital media and extend value channels to readers beyond print alone. These publishers will have found a technology partner, consultant, coach, and innovation expert that insures they are properly positioned for each wave of publishing innovation.

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