Publisher Website Services

Advontemedia provides options for upgrades and new modern publisher CMS solutions. The magazine publisher CMS website domain is the hub for the future of the magazine brand. Every element of the magazine and brand extensions should be accessed from the magazine website.

Digital Editions

Digital editions provide exposure to your current advertisers and significant page views as well as conversion tool for gaining new subscribers and newsletter signups.

  • Platform Selection & Customization to Publisher Domain
  • Custom Designed Skin, Index, and Landing Pages
  • Table of Contents (up to 20 story links)
  • Magazine Cover and Thumbnail Updates (site wide)
  • Additional Revenue Elements Such As: Magazine Advertiser Promotion Campaign, Sponsor Placement, Multimedia Insertion for Optimization Advertisements, etc.

Newsletter Management

Newsletters are an important inbox branding channel to deliver value, news, and resources to your subscribers and target subscribers.

  • Optimize Process for New Subscribers
  • Custom Email Design and Branding (Advertiser Version)
  • Populate Email Weekly/Monthly
  • Monitor Online Subscribers
  • Monitor Recipients
  • Email Newsletter Management (email fees separate)

Ad Systems Management

Management of your advertising systems includes setup of new ad campaign systems and reporting to your advertisers.

  • Manage All Aspects of Online Display & Sponsorship Ad Systems
  • Media Kit Lead Process
  • Custom Media Kit Site for Advertiser Conversion
  • Media Kit Optimization & Maintenance
  • Manage Advertising Marketing Campaign

Resource Directory Development

The publication directory is associated with both content optimization processes as advertising sales objectives.

  • Advertiser Participation Survey
  • Directory Configuration on Current CMS
  • Package and Tiers Established for Featured Advertisers
  • Ongoing Directory Management
  • Plus Additional Advertising Sales and Objectives to Focus on Immediate Revenue Opportunities

Web Editor Services

The web editor functions provide a template for organizing and adding content to your website on an ongoing basis.

  • Management of SEO content adjustments
  • Enhancement of Article Archives
  • New Content Entry & Workflow Documentation
  • Content Media Enhancements
  • On and Off Site Content Linking
  • Value Added Content Compilations (aggregated content galleries)
  • Homepage Workflows

Search Engine Optimization

Search optimization workflows focus on leveraging new content and modifying existing content to support core visitor channels.

  • Site Structure Improvement
  • Meta Tag Additions for Article Search Optimization
  • Sitemap Management
  • Video & Image Alt/Title Optimization
  • Plus Additional Workflows Such As: Proper Identification, Taxonomy, and Meta Structure of Content, Online Press Releases, Social Media SEO Configurations, Sitemap Management etc.

Social Media Marketing

Social media optimization (SMO) services are activities related to your brand identity on major social networks and building interactions and traffic back to your website.

  • Update Profile
  • Article Optimization
  • Like, Tweet, LinkedIn – Buttons on Website
  • Design Skin for Facebook and Twitter
  • Plus Additional Account and Interactions Management (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+)
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