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Modern Magazine Media

There is so much opportunity for inspiration around innovative magazine brands and web UX resources for the modern publisher, we started a section to identify and cite examples that inspire our magazine web design team.

In one of our first “Get Inspired” posts we examine the current magazine media formats with our own Advontemedia definition of the modern magazine.

Modern Magazine Media Formats Defined
What is a magazine? The greatest aspect relative to the use of the word magazine as part of a published brand name is that the publisher’s potential audience already understands the basic brand offering based on the connotation of the word magazine. Consumers immediately visualize the historic traditional or even modern digital edition paginated format of a publication when the word “magazine” is used to identify the media brand. For publishers that operate with the goal of providing quality, relevant, niche encompassing content to their defined audience, the magazine element of the brand remains the iconic periodic content based deliverable and the magazine website is the key access point and hub of the brand. I present this magazine terms primer as a tool for understanding and developing modern magazine media definition terms, specifically print, digital, digital edition, and app based magazine formats. Full Post:

Modern Magazine Definitions

by David Blankenship, Advontemedia Inc.


– A designed sequence of brand topic related and edited content elements published digitally in a logical linear navigation view or flow based UX including issue contents or visual navigation, capable of user interaction and social media sharing.


– A page layout designed sequence of brand topic related and edited content elements printed and bound as a completed periodic edition.

Notice the omission of “completed periodic edition” within the definition of a digital magazine. Our post elaborates with focus on both the digital magazine and magazine apps as well as the importance of the magazine website. As magazine publisher website designers we are logically optimistic about the importance of the publication website as the central hub for various multi-channel digital magazine elements. Not too long ago digital components were often referenced as magazine brand extensions. Digital is the future for magazines and the website is the core access, conversion, and format facilitation vehicle.

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