Tablet Magazines

Tablet Magazines

Tablet magazines will take a big step forward next month when the reality of an interactive iPad magazine can be held in your hands. Expensive? Yes, but then again so is creating and printing a print magazine.

The magazine brand enjoys strong identity for the content or niche for which it is targeted. Interactive media will enhance the digital magazine brand extension channels. Print will still be a favorite method for actually reading articles – in both consumer and b2b magazines. But, for all the other times in which we as magazine publishers are trying to expose, market, and increase circulation we will leverage the digital media format like never before.

The New York Times just featured the latest iPad tablet magazine prototype. Zinio as the primary and digital magazine delivery channel for VIV seems committed to helping magazine publishers step up and produce interactive magazines.

We have created several magazine app development groups to assist publishers with the iPad magazine and other magazine app tools for either development support in working with and existing digital edition vendor or for magazine apps branded exclusively by the magazine publisher.

Update: And to learn more about the making of this extensive iPad magazine optimized issue, see the Alexx Henry featurette.