iPad Magazine Advertising

iPad Magazine Advertising

The iPad is here and I’ve added to my original post with the iPad announcement with a follow up on the concept of finding iPad magazines.  The exciting thing about the magazine iPad Editions is not just limited to paid content, but the brilliance of the iPad magazine ads.

The latest Popular Science iPad Edition has plenty of ads along with an intuitive scrolling content layer above the core editorial and ad focus images.  The experience of moving through the paginated interactive media in this format is a close match to that of reading a real print magazine.  It blows away the 16 shades of grey that limited our vision and creativity as the ebook was initially defined.

Make every iPad magazine edition a story.  Get your advertisers involved in the story and encourage the advertisers to invest in their creative process to tie their ads into the issue theme.

These few initial iPad Editions have exceeded my expectations for editorial and advertising brand impression results that will benefit those magazine publishers that harness this power.  Expect circulation audit to change quickly as the new digital tablet reader produces the opportunity for both reader engagement and advertising results that have never been possible previously.

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