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Modern Digital Magazine Editions Solution Launch

Modern Digital Magazine Editions Solution Launch

Magazine Web Design Firm Advontemedia Launches Vertical Digital Magazines

For Immediate Release:

Murrieta, California, USA – Advontemedia has launched a new vertical magazine edition publishing service for print and digital magazine publishers. The company started in 2009 to focus on publication web design and digital strategies and now works with startup, independent, and group magazine publishing clients to create modern magazine website designs with online revenue strategies. The firm’s digital publishing consultants understand the unique challenges and opportunities for publishers seeking increased engagement of digital magazine editions for modern audiences. The company’s new digital edition platform VERTIQUL™ allows publisher clients to display responsive vertical editions custom designed from existing print magazine design assets. Continue Reading →

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Modern Magazine Web Editions – Vertical Magazines

Modern Magazine Web Editions – Vertical Magazines

For Magazine Publishers
Digital magazine service launching soon! Vertical editions magazine publishing platform info
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Magazine Publishing Evolution
The dawn of the modern magazine is upon us! The future of digital magazines is not what most people envision based on the current horizontal digital edition layout of pages automatically generated from a traditional print layout design format. It’s been a year since we wrote about modern magazine media formats defined and the writing was already on the wall for continued evolution of digital magazines based on the way users had already been interacting with their other digital content and social applications.

Digital Magazine Becomes Magazine
It’s time to inspire and to be inspired by the elevation of the magazine in digital format. We utilize the category classification term “Web Editions” to distinguish the designed vertical UX digital magazine format from website magazines, PDFs, e-magazines, and digitized print layout magazines in recent years branded as “digital editions.”  Vertical Magazines and Web Editions, are transitional bridge terms just as “Digital Magazine” helped the publishing industry to understand the service platforms and process of extending their magazines online to digital formats 10 years ago.  Magazines are now perfectly positioned for growth to digital maturity benefiting from mobile design usability principles plus viewport improvements in phone and tablet device hardware.  This is the magazine era where purposeful digital design of periodic advertising and editorial content are presented together in a format that provides material value to magazine advertisers and readership. By 2025, the industry as well as business and consumer audiences will once again return to the single word descriptor of “Magazine,” to represent the prominent digital deliverable.

My modern definition of a magazine supports traditional value elements and allows for modern digital UX characteristics to authenticate magazine media beyond the print medium in the vertical publishing user experience pattern.

Modern “Magazine” Definition:

– A periodic compilation of sequenced relative materials and edited content published in a designed format.

– David Blankenship, Advontemedia Inc.

Magazine Innovation Challenges
Magazine apps don’t work for the small to mid-size publishing business models, especially the B2B magazine. Business and consumer users find multiple magazine platform newsstand apps complicate issue delivery with a less than friendly mobile device issue presentation. Traditional digital editions as print replicas don’t meet modern web standards for expectations of device independent usability. Website magazines as collections of articles within a CMS miss the cornerstone foundation of the magazine as a designed linear UX product. Magazine advertising is also often a critical business model element properly positioned as intermission for editorial content and should NEVER be replaced by generic banner ads lacking context to the brand experience within the designed digital magazine presentation. And lastly, the print magazine is challenged with limited portability, durability, and it’s high physical production and delivery cost will always limit it’s utilization as a brand extension for most modern and future magazine media brands.

Vertical Edition Magazines
The required user interface improvement for digital magazines is the transition to a vertical flow (vertical scroll) content experience and not horizontal page flipping. The linear presentation structure of the vertical edition provides the always valuable and unique “magazine experience.” Several innovative web published articles, including the New York Time’s Snow Fall have received acclaim for their impressive storytelling in a longform web format and these examples provide a glimpse into the future of modern journalism and presentation of content where digital is the default publishing medium and the reader UX provides content engagement and aesthetics to support the magazine niche.

Vertical Digital Magazine Editions

We have started building vertical edition magazines today and know many others are also embarking on production of magazines in this vertical flow user interface format where ample opportunities exist for publishing business growth based on design and technical publishing team skills.  The new marketing brand for our full service “Vertical Editions” platform will be announced soon.  We will perform the issue production of this new format for publishers and offer self service models later.  Publishers may begin using these new web editions as their main “digital edition” or might choose to begin the service as an additional device independent access version optimized for mobile presentation and readability.  And we expect that many new publications will launch exclusively on this modern magazine edition presentation platform and stage the issue access from the publication website.

Long live the Magazine!

Ready for a new kind of digital magazine edition – then you’re ready for “Vertical Editions”

Watch for updates about our innovative vertical edition magazine publishing platform and let’s create the future for designed content our readers love!

Visit VERTIQUL.com
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Responsive Magazine Web Design Provides Mobile-friendly SEO Benefit

Responsive Magazine Web Design Provides Mobile-friendly SEO Benefit

Google now favors mobile friendly websites in search results. Most magazine publishers have considered the value of a responsive website and have already optimized their site so that it’s easy to view and read on both desktop, tablet, and mobile phones.  It’s a great time to put yourself in the shoes of your audience and to look at the emails, social media, and other digital communication that bring users to the magazine website and how the website looks on a tablet and smartphone once they arrive.  Would you stay on your website when using a non desktop viewport of the site?

Starting April 21, we will be expanding our use of mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal. This change will affect mobile searches in all languages worldwide and will have a significant impact in our search results. Consequently, users will find it easier to get relevant, high quality search results that are optimized for their devices.  – All Webmasters Feb 2015 Notice

Mobile Friendly Website


Mobile Guide https://developers.google.com/webmasters/mobile-sites/

Ultimately we want it to be easy to get and interact with information we find on the Internet.  UX (user experience) has become an important foundation for all principles of design and marketing.  As users adopt more tools that they carry, wear, and see around them, we must consider that everything we publish might have dozens of different viewports depending on the users hardware or location.

Search Results for Mobile Friendly

Google wants to make sure that search results are valuable and usable resources for the people that choose their search engine.  So the new algorithm changes will favor “mobile-friendly” publisher websites.  One quick way to determine if your site is mobile friendly is to use google on a smartphone and type in your website title.  Hopefully your publication website already appears in the top results for that search title or niche phrase and you’ll notice looking at your mobile device and the search results that the words Mobile-friendly just under the title and preceding the website description for your search listing result.

It’s important to optimize the website for these types of SEO impact considerations but even more important to consider the audience.  As a publisher we want at a minimum a weekly visit to our magazine website.  And if the site is easy to use in any location, we want to be the top of mind destination for people in our target audience niche when they want to find articles, knowledge, training, definitions, news, or video.  So even without a test and penalty, it’s important that staff, publisher, and CEO spend some time on their own publication websites to determine just how easy they are to use on multiple devices.

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Magazine Strategy

Magazine Strategy

As a publisher, you’re magazine brand is the center of the universe for your niche. The primary niche will have ancillary audience support and benefits from these sub audiences or perhaps even general audience traffic to help elevate impression metrics. However, the material objectives and mission must service your primary target niche audience and the participants that support the publishing business model. A focused value definition is our best chance to get a potential subscriber’s attention for their first experience with the magazine brand.

Regardless of publishing mediums, the magazine must deliver an ongoing, engaging, informative, relevant, and interesting content to this audience. For the greatest enthusiasts of your brand niche, your brand stories must be epic because a portion of your most avid readers will want to be involved in your content on many levels. Your publishing team participants must have real interaction with this audience. Once you publisher an article, your website should be configured to support an ongoing dialogue about your story. This extends to social and targeted media partners for content promotion.

Your story should provide taxonomy and foundational context for the types of content published so that each piece of the story helps portray where this content helps the user continue their journey objectives. Once you deliver value with great content, you need to bring the user back next week.

Once your publishing business model and content strategy are defined it’s critical to have a strategy for how the brand delivers and interacts with the audience. For the traditional print magazine publishing model, the print strategy including circulation and fulfillment should be developed by a circulation partner with experience in related publications and markets. And the modern magazine digital strategy needs to cover all the non-print elements of the magazine brand. This doesn’t mean that both print and digital strategies are independent of each other. Every UX element of audience, advertiser, and publishing team work seamlessly together.

Publishing partners developing your magazine strategy will perform discovery and analysis of your publishing and content model to determine how to leverage your efforts and maximize both audience growth and profit.

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Modern Magazine Media

Modern Magazine Media

There is so much opportunity for inspiration around innovative magazine brands and web UX resources for the modern publisher, we started a section to identify and cite examples that inspire our magazine web design team.

In one of our first “Get Inspired” posts we examine the current magazine media formats with our own Advontemedia definition of the modern magazine.

Modern Magazine Media Formats Defined
What is a magazine? The greatest aspect relative to the use of the word magazine as part of a published brand name is that the publisher’s potential audience already understands the basic brand offering based on the connotation of the word magazine. Consumers immediately visualize the historic traditional or even modern digital edition paginated format of a publication when the word “magazine” is used to identify the media brand. For publishers that operate with the goal of providing quality, relevant, niche encompassing content to their defined audience, the magazine element of the brand remains the iconic periodic content based deliverable and the magazine website is the key access point and hub of the brand. I present this magazine terms primer as a tool for understanding and developing modern magazine media definition terms, specifically print, digital, digital edition, and app based magazine formats. Full Post: http://advontemedia.com/getinspired/modern-magazine-media-format-definitions/

Modern Magazine Definitions

by David Blankenship, Advontemedia Inc.


– A designed sequence of brand topic related and edited content elements published digitally in a logical linear navigation view or flow based UX including issue contents or visual navigation, capable of user interaction and social media sharing.


– A page layout designed sequence of brand topic related and edited content elements printed and bound as a completed periodic edition.

Notice the omission of “completed periodic edition” within the definition of a digital magazine. Our post elaborates with focus on both the digital magazine and magazine apps as well as the importance of the magazine website. As magazine publisher website designers we are logically optimistic about the importance of the publication website as the central hub for various multi-channel digital magazine elements. Not too long ago digital components were often referenced as magazine brand extensions. Digital is the future for magazines and the website is the core access, conversion, and format facilitation vehicle.

more magazine publisher UX resources | Learn more about us


Digital Publishing Opportunities for Print Publishers

Print Newspapers and Magazine Publishers Have Innovative Ideas All Around Us

Seek out the examples of both success and failure for digital publishing initiatives.
Digital Media Innovation

Ten years ago, many of us in the digital publishing space could see that print publishers had a bright future online. Digital opportunity was theirs to lose. After all, they had the greatest advantage possible in their tradition communication channels, audience loyalty, and the ability to create multimedia content. Unfortunately, the idea of investing in the web and anything online was pioneered by few and many of those early digital publishing entrepreneurs failed to survive the early adopter growth phase. Five years ago the market was mature for a logical multi-channel publishing strategy. Niche publishers knew the they must face the fact that their publishing business must change. And the publishing business model did change, it’s now digital. And even if the print channel is and will continue to be ‘part’ of that publishing model, the future is digital. And digital has brought new opportunities for revenue and reach.

We are starting to see devices and audiences organize around methods of digital consumption that really make it easy to stay connected. I admit to installing every new Android Market or iTunes
App Store apps for reading content that I can get. I hope upon each new install to be inspired by a unique UX or some logical UI elements that make it easy to both read, share, and save. With periodicals (or any published content in this modern era) the notification capabilities are also very important. But beyond the intricacies of apps, the publication website itself or new innovative brand extension offer a very simple method of reaching the existing or new audiences.

If your publishing business isn’t yet investing in the next digital publishing business future of your publication, start taking note of the innovations evolving and the digital publishing strategy around us. The Evolution of Newspaper Innovation #Infographic provides some ideas. And more ideas will come based on doing user focused research. Keep it simple, make it valuable, keep telling a story, and may your digital publishing future be bright and profitable.

Newspaper Innovation

Infographic Source: http://www.naa.org/innovation


Mobile Web Design for Publishers

Today there is increasing buzz about the need for a proper mobile strategy for publishers.  Just about every vendor or solution has their own version of how their product satisfies the mobile gap.


Just a few years ago, “mobile” meant that a basic mobile phone could easily view the publisher website.  As smartphones advanced in their ability to browse web content, communicate, and provide content and shopping information they have become our personal “always on” mobile computer and communicators.  Plus, modern mobile phones enabled users to have an html view of the web pages and not just the text or limited feed based presentation of the website page.  So even non mobile optimized sites are viewable with pinch and zoom interactions.

Mobile web design now represents the ability to present information to many different devices and connect with your mobile audience, not just formatting content for “dumb phone” readability.  A mobile strategy also needs to provide the publisher a comprehensive plan for both presenting content, communicating, interacting, and supporting the profitable publishing business model.  And let’s not forget how important mobile is to our advertisers.  Creating an environment that moves the website visitor to a purchase or inquiry action based on a search can ultimately apply to a much larger population than our connected audience. Commercial marketing firms have been guided by the need for mobile sites for several years now and we expect to have very good user experiences when visiting a retail company website.

And, publisher mobile friendly, optimized, or responsive design is now the standard for new publisher websites. The ability to easily read and scroll (especially tiled) content allows for users on all types of devices to view and interact with the publisher website content.

Magazine apps extend the ability to provide a smartphone or tablet user interface for a specific purpose or function. Apps for a publisher should focus on a niche asset or value that audience members want or need as a brand extension. An app just to view a magazine’s digital edition should probably be focused on placement into the Apple or Google Play newsstand or a top magazine newsstand delivery app like Zinio.

Digital editions still play a role in producing print layout paginated content deliverable that should certainly be leveraged digitally for print magazine publishers.

Update: Read More about Our Design Strategy Solutions

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Multi-Channel Magazine Publishing System Framework

Multi-Channel Magazine Publishing System Framework

Multi-channel Magazine Publishing System

Digital magazine design services and other print layout and design projects can now be achieved with the SAAS (software as a service) multi-channel publishing solution. Digital, app and/or print publication design are tailored to the specific publisher needs and budget with a consistent monthly service and framework hosting fee.  In addition to the designed layout presentations the web and newsletters are also created from the central magazine publication web based design interface.

Content enhancement and additional content workflows are included in our custom publishing services to insure that content assets are prepared to accommodate print, digital, and web based publishing channels.

Complete design and strategy are provided for a rapid startup. Contact us for details about our SAAS solution.


Magazine Web Design for Publishers

Magazine Publisher Web Design

Publication web design and development is a major brand element of the modern magazine publication. The magazine web design provides the style and user experience to meet reader and advertiser expectations regardless of the the quality or presence of a print magazine offering.

Magazine website design defines the modern publication style and provides for digital presentation of the publication to a potentially much larger audience than the print design product.

Magazine Web Design

Many publishers make a significant investment into monthly operations to publish each print magazine issue yet fail to invest in their magazine website. As advertisers seek placement on magazine websites, we are seeing strong interest and budgets for publication web design projects. Immediate value and the ability to immediately execute website advertising programs makes this a magazine brand element that must be designed for performance.

Magazine Web Design Services

Usability and user experience are important elements of the user interface (UI) design. A creative magazine website design can be implemented on most website content management system (CMS) solutions. Additional publisher web design and magazine style elements can be added as content workflow elements. Magazine theme and magazine web design templates for these major CMS publishing tools requires the magazine designer to understand the functional and web style element capabilities of the design.

View Our Digital Publishing and Magazine Web Design Portfolio

Magazine Website Designs

Magazine website CMS software solutions enable the magazine publisher and publishing staff to add articles and news updates quickly without the need for expensive integration into other magazine publishing software.  Website pages are created immediately and automatically indexed into all the correct navigation of the publication website.

The content structure and the magazine niche are important elements of the magazine website design and development process.  Many publishers have built html or custom website CMS solutions and have not followed a simple information architecture to secure both taxonomy and audience value on the web.

HTML based publication websites do not have the database driven web publishing capabilities necessary to support an on-going magazine web publishing effort. Publishers that have not selected a publication CMS solution are advised to consider the benefits prior to designing a static website for their publication.

The magazine web design provides as much value as the selection of your cover to both readers and advertisers.  Invest in the publication website design based on the revenue elements the proper design should provide the moment the new web design is launched.  An experienced publication web design strategy professional will be involved in every step of the design process to insure navigation, user conversion, and overall publication aesthetics and style are present. Your new magazine web design must make you say “WOW!”



Magazine Publishing CMS Solutions for Publishers

Magazine CMS Solutions

We specify, recommend, and configure open source, hosted, and commercial / enterprise publication website content management system (CMS) solutions. The magazine CMS solution selection involves web strategy and information architecture development, CMS solution review, CMS selection, design, migration / transition, and implementation management.

View our current magazine CMS options

The Publication website strategy allows the consulting team to identify the key user experience (UX) and advertiser value elements to be achieved with the web and digital brand presentation.

Magazine Publishing CMS Software

For existing publishers, a plan to migrate existing magazine website content will be included. Existing content is valuable to the publisher’s magazine web brand and search re-directs will be utilized to maintain value based on search.
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