Magazine Publisher UX Resources

Magazine Publisher UX Resources

As we begin our collection of inspiring user experience (UX) and magazine UX design strategy resources for publishers, I have reserved the top level page for our “Get Inspired” section to allow for ongoing update of resources. As I pull these from books and online tools I have used for projects and inspiration I’ll post and organize them as a publisher ux resources hub.

Publisher Magazine UX Strategy

These tools will include various version of tools like a business model and project canvas guide. Below is an example of the business model canvas we reference for some magazine ux design projects.

Publisher UX Design Resources

This resource was included with the Sitepoint book Killer UX Design and was a favorite resource in addition to their UX Process Diagram below.


UX Design Book Intro

Business Model Canvas

Business Model Canvas

Sketching & Wireframing

Axure – Mac & PC advanced enterprise targeted software based wireframing and mockup tool

OmniGraffle – Mac and iPad platform based wireframe and design mock tools –

Balsamiq – Balsamiq web based and software based wireframing and mock up tool –

UXPin – Web based wireframing with business canvas upload capability and collaboration feedback and project sharing capabilities

InVision – Web based advanced prototyping and sequence sharing and testing capabilities – Web based free minimal wireframing tool

And many magazine staff designers like to use their simple and convenient utility tools for basic magazine web design wirframes like,

Keynote Mac based presentation tool –

Evernote Android and iOS App for notes with a handwriting capabilities as well as a second app called Skitch specifically for sketching and annotating images

And other designers prefer mocking and sketching with their existing design suite software,

Adobe Creative Suite tools & apps – Enterprise level full design resources

We have switched over to the Adobe Creative Cloud as it allows us to maintain the most recent application versions and gives access to staff to all the Adobe design suite applications they might want to use or try without the individual software licensing hassel managed from a license owners dashboard.

Adobe UX Creative Suite Tools

QuarkXPress – Another common publisher design application suite still utilized by established publishers happy with their established design workflow –

Featured Cover Photo: UX Design Library by UXPin