As magazine digital strategy consultants we look at your specific magazine publication niche and identify ways to improve your magazine digital revenue, strategic online marketing, and the overall UX (user experience) for digital publishing elements of the magazine publication.

Magazine Digital Strategy

The magazine digital strategy leverages core publishing brand value across digital mediums. The magazine website is the central portal and marketing facilitation point for almost every instant access element of the publication. This includes assess to news, topic based and organized content, featured stories, resources, guides, blogs, events, and digital & print edition access/inquiry and service/support interface. Digital publishing as a production process for delivery of the page layout digital version of the periodic magazine is just one element of review for the magazine brand digital strategy.

The digital strategy extends to off-site marketing and social media. Digital strategy encompasses the UX delivery of value to the audience and properly positions and associates advertising and other paid/sponsored elements that produce revenue.

The strategy defines a unique and valuable experience that brings people to the website as the starting position for conversion of some process to keep the user or advertiser interested in the brand. This can even start off-line but the ultimate goal is that we want authenticated opt-in subscribers to the digital editions, newsletters, print subscribers, and we want follow/like actions for the brand’s social media. This initial conversion provides us the ability to gain ongoing engagement. Regardless of the formal digital and print magazine publishing frequency, a digital brand strategy must keep the magazine audience active at least weekly within the website and social mediums.

Digital Editions Update

Traditional digital edition platforms don’t work. Before establishing Advontemedia as a publisher consulting and design firm, several of our team members were involved in a digital edition software service publishing startup. The visitor stats could never be improved because people don’t like to work for content during a browse experience. Digital editions today must be re-tooled from a modern UX design perspective to turn digital magazines into the preferred format for online and not an attempt to create print magazine replicas. See our vertical editions blog post.

~ Design and UX Matters!

What makes for a great digital magazine strategy? One sign of a successful strategy is your publishing team is excited about the plan. Many publishing teams don’t even know their own magazine’s brand strategy. We want the strategy to excite both editorial and marketing staff. We want them to care and demonstrate their excitement because they get to make people happy while doing their publishing related jobs. Content is produced and presented in a manner that makes the content originators proud to be part of the unique brand. Sales is excited to share why the magazine’s publishing mediums are an excellent investment for companies that have services and products that will also interest the audience consuming the brands content.

Strategy Project Phase

Our process for the formulation of the magazine digital strategy is always the first phase of the publisher digital strategy project.


The core solution defines the strategic goals for delivering value to the digital audience. This includes review of the existing publishing business model. This is where the publishing team gets to share their ideas and creativity plays a key role in the determination of how we make the experience great!

Revenue Strategy

The revenue strategy defines how the media kit inventory and major sponsor packages will fund both the brand website re-design as well as provide ongoing maximized revenue.


The offer and conversion to grow audience and advertisers is a process that can heavily rely on the website and digital medium solutions.

Requirements & Architecture

Any system or publishing workflow changes must be considered so we know exactly what needs to be done or changed and any costs required to make those changes.
The core strategy doesn’t need to be overly complex. A simple and powerful strategy that is understood is best. It must support a profitable publishing business model and it must cover a complete audience experience flow and ongoing lifecycle. Following the strategy phase, we begin the design phase to adjust the existing publisher website or begin the full magazine website redesign.