Magazine Consulting

Magazine Consulting

The best magazine consultants have passion and enthusiasm for the publishing business. I have found that great publications are founded upon strong knowledge and participation by the publisher consultants in the niche they serve as consultants themselves.

However, it is the pure external business aspects that are continually changing every industry, and it’s publisher consultants, it’s audience, it’s advertisers, and it’s owners that demand navigation. We see these publishers and expert consultants that have focused their attention and experience on a niche that does not always provide for them the time also become publishing consultants themselves.

Our magazine consulting business is not founded upon knowing the right answer to every publishing business challenge. We find that every niche present a different set of opportunities and challenges. It is our business to advise magazine publishers about the options available and to guide them toward the next logical step to maximize revenue. We provide a best plan for next actions to reduce competitive pressure and to maximize advertiser and readership value.

Consulting with an array of perspectives allows publishers to receive input from a range of professional experience in the magazine publishing industry.

Our badge, our reputation, our results depend on the results we receive with our publisher partners. We are open to change, we accept and analyze different perspectives, and we can provide our publisher clients with priceless information and solutions.

We do this in a time in this new media era for publishers in which delayed actions are certainly more costly than reasonable investment in strategy and action plans.  Learn more about our magazine publishing consulting strategies.