Magazine Advertising and Publishing Revenue

Magazine Ad Sales Strategy

Magazine Advertising and Publishing Revenue

Revenue strategy can be tailored to startups, small, and mid-size publishing groups.  Our goal is to identify immediate magazine digital advertising opportunities to maximize your publication revenue.

We review the best digital edition solution options tailored to the publication niche. The magazine media kits for print and digital should always be presented together by the ad sales team. The magazine advertising plan and sales executive commissions should reward selling the full media brand and not just the printed editions. Just launched: Premium Digital Edition Publishing Platform

Magazine Publishing Digital Revenue Strategy

Magazine Revenue Optimization Service Package: Pricing: Based on Existing Publisher Strategy and Magazine Media Kit

Digital Revenue

Publication advertiser and custom revenue maximization is based on leveraging both core traditional ad revenue and new digital magazine circulation and advertising based revenue dimensions. For existing publishers, this package begins with a review of the success elements of the current ad sales or publishers rep process and identification of missing elements to complete the media revenue opportunities.

This program will profile the top advertising market categories and provides for the addition of a strategic promotional campaign that leverages the advertisers referral traffic directly from the publisher website.

Establish Magazine Advertiser Packages and Value Metrics

  • Web, digital, and social media display magazine advertising opportunities
  • Interest/topic (micro) channels / article based tools & sponsors
  • Magazine feature, guide, & directory advertisers / sponsors
  • Industry and online events & promotions
  • Social media channels & promotions
  • Lead development conversion processes & campaigns (webinars / white papers)


Maximize Additional Appropriate Magazine Revenue Units

  • Special report sponsored reprints
  • Custom publishing / marketing assets / digital editions
  • Social media campaign setup / admin
  • Marketing promotions, media & publicity


Finding Magazine Advertisers

  • Identification of competitive and same space magazine advertiser companies
  • Identification of major content or magazine advertising category targets
  • Acquisition of sample magazine advertiser contact list for call trials


Magazine Media Kit Design/ReDesign

The magazine media kit design includes a graphical presentation of the additional ad revenue capabilities. The media kit layout and presentation of key advertising buyer information supports a publisher sales and value definition process. Coaching is provided to understand the full brand participation discount offered to advertisers that utilize the magazine publishers’ full capabilities including display advertising, lead generation, media and advertising consulting.