Digital Magazine iPad Editions

Digital Magazine iPad Editions

The digital magazine publishing iPad editions are making news. Meet some of the key digital magazine players presenting mobile editions for publishers as they introduce their iPad and general tablet edition visions.

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We are still in beta and version 1 territory, but it’s exciting to see what the innovative digital magazine vendors have created to leverage tablet technology.  This all within one month of the iPad release. Six months after the Kindle release we were still trying to get proper data formatting specifications for how to accommodate periodic data on the greyscale devices. A world of difference! I look forward to posting updates with more advances on the colorful and bright future of tablet magazines for publishers. I’m confident the pace will rapidly increase on new features and announcements from many vendors.

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  • Laura Rowlett
    May 27, 2010 9:14 PM

    Thanks for another 100-percent-relevant post. I get so much info from your blog with so little effort on my part. Good stuff. I’m wondering if this tablet publishing movement will have our recently 3-year-old daughter wishing for her “Highlights” via iPad by this time next year. She already prefers interactive Sesame Street flashcards on my iPod Touch to watching the actual cartoons, which is disturbing and refreshing.

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