Magazine Industry – MPA 20 Truths

Magazine Industry – MPA 20 Truths

The Magazine Publishers of America (MPA recently posted a YouTube video to promote Twenty Tweetable Truths about magazines. The video and links to tweet the truths help the public and magazine advertisers in particular to understand the viability of the magazine brand.

The exciting element of the modern magazine brand is not just the power to reach consumers. The excitement is that the magazine can be designed and positioned to reach the “right audience,” business and consumer audiences everywhere.

As we continue to help magazine publishers extend their brand beyond print to web, digital, podcast, video, mobile, apps, events, and weave the brand into the niche across all media capable delivery tools; we all win.

So go ahead and share these truths and include why you love magazines.

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  • Laura Rowlett
    April 13, 2010 10:20 AM

    What I love about print magazines is how when I’m taking the time to read one, I’m ONLY reading that magazine. Although I adore and appreciate the accessibility of information in this digital age, reading articles on my lap top or mobile devices always seems to make me app-happy, luring me in a dozen directions all at once (e-mail, Facebook, shopping, YouTube, etc.). But reading a print magazine and its ads is always a time to be absorbed in and focused on just one task. For me it’s a great way to take a break from “the future is now” to reconnect with all the reasons why I love print media. That said, it’s the media’s feature-rich digital presence, including magazines’ E-ditions, that make it easy to stay current, often creating the time necessary to enjoy print media. At a time when the term “convergence” almost seems an antiquated concept (Has it ever been any other way?), I continue to be surprised by how the seams between print and digital media are fading like an old scar. The way the entities enhance and live within each other is a symbiosis that’s become an important part of info dissemination. So, in spite of and thanks to all the conveniences of modern technology, we can still enjoy our “rags” but also share our thoughts through discussions and comment pages like this one. What are your thoughts on digitally originating content used within the printed product? I’ve seen magazines embrace this in various capacities. For example, notice the expanded letters to the editor section brought to you by e-mail and online comments? What are your thoughts on content that originates in the digital realm?

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