Tablet Magazine Digital Publishing Software

Tablet Magazine Digital Publishing Software

Digital magazine publishing is a top priority for publishers and the Adobe team is working hard to provide the tools to publication design teams to help optimize their publication on mobile and tablet platforms.

The Adobe Digital Publishing team has also teamed up with the The Association of Magazine Media MPA (formerly the Magazine Publishers of America) for an event.

In this Adobe Meets MPA session, learn about new functionality in tablet apps that allows you to merchandise content to your customers. Through a custom, in-app storefront, you have flexibility and control over how content, products, and services are displayed for purchase, and can design the shopping experience to reflect your meticulously crafted brand. MPA

Adobe®’s Digital Publishing Suite Software

The digital tablet magazine publishing software makes it possible for publishers to choose an edition that fits their needs for a cross media and app software solution. The professional software edition (starts at $495/mo.) steps a user up from a single Apple app store application to sell Apple and Kindle Fire Digital App Newsstand single and subscription issues.

Sell multi-.folio applications through the Apple App Store and Amazon Kindle Fire Newsstand payment system — single-issue or subscription purchase

Digital Publishing Suite Buying Guide – Detail

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  • Michael
    September 25, 2013 7:50 AM

    Hey, great post. I’m working PressPad, another mobile publishing solution. We recently launched new pricing model that is totally risk free – magazine can publish on mobile free of cost but we keep first $199 it earns every month.

    That may be the best solution for young companies that are not so sure of what can they achieve on mobile publishing market.

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