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In order to effect an immediate increase in magazine revenue results, we must first determine the most important actions to be taken based on the specific magazine publishing model of our client. Addressing problems and opportunities to increase online revenue will insure the magazine can fund digital and website process improvements, re-designs, and upgrades. Magazine publishing consulting packages are tailored to startups, small, and mid-size publishing groups. We recommend all new magazine startups begin with the full magazine strategy program.

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The recommendation is the first step toward any design or digital solution services and provides publishers an evaluation and perspective of their needs as they seek vendor partners or internal solutions.  We understand time is valuable and we can complete this initial recommendation in one week so you can start making action decisions.


Quick Start Action Plan*

*NEW UPDATE: Publishing Strategy Recommendation

Magazine Publishing Consulting: Next Steps Action Plan

This magazine consulting plan provides an overview of the innovative tools and opportunities that should be present in any modern publishing business model.  We look at your specific magazine publication niche and identify the strategic marketing and growth issues that require immediate attention.  The magazine website and web channel revenue elements are the focus of this immediate results and actions set of strategic recommendations.  While more detailed analysis is available in our digital media publishing strategy plans, a quick list of high priority opportunities for new revenue will help publishers to make the most of their existing publishing and sales staff.

Magazine Publishing Consultants

Expansion of a print based publication into the wide array of innovative concepts and magazine publishing technology leaves no room for mistakes. It’s important to determine required results and a strategic direction based on the publication niche. Understanding the core niche strategy provides a foundation for all other ongoing publisher decisions and brand development. Publishers are making decisions everyday that have long term implications for the magazine print, digital, and social media strategy.

Digital Media Magazine Strategy

Magazine Publisher Digital Media Consulting: Magazine Strategic Plan

This magazine consulting package provides for a consulting group collaborative strategy and recommendations. The publisher strategic plan covers strategic business elements that utilize innovative magazine publishing methodologies actively being utilized by other innovative publishers.  Traditional print magazine business model foundations are covered within our planning for digital media revenue and growth.

– Review the magazine readership niche
– Review print and eMedia / digital brand position
– Review audience development & social media potential
– Review magazine competitive market space
– Review of online web analytics and search position for site traffic
– Review magazine circulation and fulfillment strategy
– Review magazine overall and per issue marketing plan
– Review publisher staff and resource capabilities based on budget

Optional Additional Publishing Consultants – Select Additional Strategy Consultant Participants
– Print Magazine Business Strategy
– Editorial, Advertising, Readership, Niche, Concept Feasibility
– Advertising Sales
– Editorial Planning
– Publishing Business Legal Expert
– Circulation, Fulfillment, & Newsstand Sales


Magazine Consulting

The best magazine consultants have passion and enthusiasm for the publishing business. I have found that great publications are founded upon strong knowledge and participation by the publisher consultants in the niche they serve as consultants themselves.

However, it is the pure external business aspects that are continually changing every industry, and it’s publisher consultants, it’s audience, it’s advertisers, and it’s owners that demand navigation. We see these publishers and expert consultants that have focused their attention and experience on a niche that does not always provide for them the time also become publishing consultants themselves.

Our magazine consulting business is not founded upon knowing the right answer to every publishing business challenge. We find that every niche present a different set of opportunities and challenges. It is our business to advise magazine publishers about the options available and to guide them toward the next logical step to maximize revenue. We provide a best plan for next actions to reduce competitive pressure and to maximize advertiser and readership value.

Consulting with an array of perspectives allows publishers to receive input from a range of professional experience in the magazine publishing industry.

Our badge, our reputation, our results depend on the results we receive with our publisher partners. We are open to change, we accept and analyze different perspectives, and we can provide our publisher clients with priceless information and solutions.

We do this in a time in this new media era for publishers in which delayed actions are certainly more costly than reasonable investment in strategy and action plans.  Learn more about our magazine publishing consulting strategies.