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Magazine Publishing CMS Solutions for Publishers

Magazine CMS Solutions

We specify, recommend, and configure open source, hosted, and commercial / enterprise publication website content management system (CMS) solutions. The magazine CMS solution selection involves web strategy and information architecture development, CMS solution review, CMS selection, design, migration / transition, and implementation management.


The Publication website strategy allows the consulting team to identify the key user experience (UX) and advertiser value elements to be achieved with the web and digital brand presentation.

Magazine Publishing CMS Software

For existing publishers, a plan to migrate existing magazine website content will be included. Existing content is valuable to the publisher’s magazine web brand and search re-directs will be utilized to maintain value based on search.

Joomla CMS for Magazine Website Content Management

Joomla can function as an excellent magazine CMS - content management system. As a leading open source magazine website publishing software tool, it's often one of the first magazine CMS tools used when starting a new publication website.   Joomla is also a top pick for magazine publishers with smaller digital media staff capabilities that do...