Magazine Publishing CMS Solutions for Publishers

Magazine Publishing CMS Solutions for Publishers

Magazine CMS Solutions

We specify, recommend, and configure open source, hosted, and commercial / enterprise publication website content management system (CMS) solutions. The magazine CMS solution selection involves web strategy and information architecture development, CMS solution review, CMS selection, design, migration / transition, and implementation management.


The Publication website strategy allows the consulting team to identify the key user experience (UX) and advertiser value elements to be achieved with the web and digital brand presentation.

Magazine Publishing CMS Software

For existing publishers, a plan to migrate existing magazine website content will be included. Existing content is valuable to the publisher’s magazine web brand and search re-directs will be utilized to maintain value based on search.

The magazine staff and content workflows are considered when selecting a publication CMS as well as on-going maintenance, content workflows, promotion processes and publishing business management interaction anticipated.

The new publication web design and website information architecture (IA) will contain strong emphasis on content and taxonomy for organization of content to insure a strong fit and correlation to the publication niche.

Open Source CMS Software –  Joomla, WordPress, and Drupal Magazine CMS

Key open source software utilized for magazine publishing web CMS systems today are open source.  There is no cost for the actual software in an open source project.  All configuration, design, and implementation of content management software system are paid project elements.

Magazine CMS Software WordPress Drupal Joomla


SAAS Magazine CMS Options

Software as a service (SaaS) model content management solutions are presenting new options to publishers that want a centralized digital multi-channel workflow for the future and focus of a digital publication brand. SaaS magazine website solutions are hosted and the publisher pays an ongoing fee or license after the site is designed and launched for the service and maintenance of the website.

Key elements of magazine website CMS solutions:

Strategic Website Plan – Magazine online strategy plan consulting with consideration of brand positioning, competitive niche market space, online conversion objectives, circulation, and advertising revenue goals.

Print, App, Digital Magazine Circulation, Service – Facilitation to support the print magazine. For digital publications, a similar set of administrative capabilities.

Web-Based CMS Database – Unlimited publishing system growth capabilities. Web content staff, editors, and contributors user roles and permissions.

Advertiser / Resource Directory – Category and sub-category directory database with logo and custom fields for magazine niche focused resources.

Article Tools – Social media bookmarking links to all major social bookmarking and social sharing network sites.

Social Media – Social community capabilities to provide user generated content and enabling collaboration with user content and news content. Social networking and social connections to the readers core social platforms and profiles.

RSS Content Syndication – RSS feeds for selected channels or content groups as well as an overall new website content feeds.

Magazine Blog – Separate Blog CMS database for magazine editors / contributors to participate in blogging.

Website Display Ad Management System – Display and text banner ads management system for serving ads across selected page regions and website zones.

Gallery Tools – Multiple photo gallery or image rotator tools for display of images in gallery or content modes.

Multimedia – Video, audio, and streaming media tools for displaying multimedia content.

Script Element Control – Script based accommodation for social media and third-party widgets / web tools to display off-site information, feeds, or functions.

On-going Support & Maintenance – Website management support, backup, and maintenance upgrade plan and data recovery plan.

Many publication CMS solutions also involve a strong focus on visitor experience tracking and conversion results.