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Magazine UX for Publisher Websites

We optimize your magazine content for digital and publisher CMS (Content Management System) formats with a modern magazine web design approach. Simple and logical UX design with emphasis on a flat ‘mobile friendly’ responsive design structure to accommodate every device. We create beautiful publisher website designs that enhance your content to engage readers. Today there are many approaches and project execution methods to design or re-design a publisher magazine website.

Publisher Website Redesign Recommendation

Let's review the factors that must be considered for any redesign with implications for audience and advertising growth. Our approach recommendation provides magazine publishers insight on key project elements and design UX (reader experience) strategy considerations.

Existing magazine publishers often have branded elements of the site that are popular and contain content expectations for ongoing repeat visitor destinations on the magazine website. For many magazine publisher web publishing operations there are also internal content workflows and publishing team responsibilities to be considered in the design upgrade. This type of a magazine website redesign requires collaboration from the publishing team, analysis of UX requirements, strategy for market advantage, and focus on improved conversion for new subscribers and visitors.

B2B Responsive Magazine Web Design

Design Project Elements

In addition to the proper design process, the CMS foundation must be evaluated along with other systems and services for producing ad and other revenue producing elements of the website. The approach for this project depends on the internal staff that will be involved. We are happy to propose a design collaboration mix based on the customer budget, project timeframe, and theming considerations with the existing CMS platform. Our team can guide the design process and provide the new publication web designs to the publisher for implementation or we can provide the theming for an existing CMS or provide new magazine CMS options.

Creative Magazine Website Design

UX Design Strategy

For startup magazines and or existing publisher innovative new digital publishing brand extensions we provide options to meet the publishers advertising and audience goals. Our magazine web design process begins with a strategy phase to determine the key elements necessary to support revenue and publisher workflows. Full service magazine website design projects allow us to accent the brand with,

  • creative design presentation
  • logical navigation and content organization
  • responsive design structure
  • conversion strategy to grow audience
  • facilitate advertising and revenue maximization
  • optimize rapid and easy to use publishing workflow process to staff
  • position content for optimized SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SMO (Social Media Optimization) structure


Our success is achieved based upon innovative UX magazine strategy supported by a logical design process. We provide the work you need and don’t create a design agency dependency on a design or technical level. We optionally offer a monthly design & web services support to help publishers that don’t have specific web designers, web developers, or SEO/SMO specialists and don’t yet have full time internal positions for these roles. Our team can provide additional design assets created on an ongoing or master template and workflow basis to leverage magazine newsletter design and social media design assets as well as media kit and publisher or group publishing parent website goals.

Creative Homepage Web Design

Magazine Website Homepage

Creative Article Page Design

Beyond the magazine website style theme, the content structure within the site must be designed to support the needs of the audience and advertisers. As visitors and subscribers utilize mobile devices, the content level detail page is optimized for the scroll user interface (UI) action.  All magazine websites are mobile-friendly and the responsive publication website provides an excellent user experience to the desktop, tablet, and mobile smartphone user.

Magazine Website Article Page

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