Digital Publishing Opportunities for Print Publishers

Print Newspapers and Magazine Publishers Have Innovative Ideas All Around Us

Seek out the examples of both success and failure for digital publishing initiatives.
Digital Media Innovation

Ten years ago, many of us in the digital publishing space could see that print publishers had a bright future online. Digital opportunity was theirs to lose. After all, they had the greatest advantage possible in their tradition communication channels, audience loyalty, and the ability to create multimedia content. Unfortunately, the idea of investing in the web and anything online was pioneered by few and many of those early digital publishing entrepreneurs failed to survive the early adopter growth phase. Five years ago the market was mature for a logical multi-channel publishing strategy. Niche publishers knew the they must face the fact that their publishing business must change. And the publishing business model did change, it’s now digital. And even if the print channel is and will continue to be ‘part’ of that publishing model, the future is digital. And digital has brought new opportunities for revenue and reach.

We are starting to see devices and audiences organize around methods of digital consumption that really make it easy to stay connected. I admit to installing every new Android Market or iTunes
App Store apps for reading content that I can get. I hope upon each new install to be inspired by a unique UX or some logical UI elements that make it easy to both read, share, and save. With periodicals (or any published content in this modern era) the notification capabilities are also very important. But beyond the intricacies of apps, the publication website itself or new innovative brand extension offer a very simple method of reaching the existing or new audiences.

If your publishing business isn’t yet investing in the next digital publishing business future of your publication, start taking note of the innovations evolving and the digital publishing strategy around us. The Evolution of Newspaper Innovation #Infographic provides some ideas. And more ideas will come based on doing user focused research. Keep it simple, make it valuable, keep telling a story, and may your digital publishing future be bright and profitable.

Newspaper Innovation

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The Future of Magazine Publishing – Wired Tablet Concept

New content engagement and a new relationship with the magazine brand. The Wired team and Adobe team up to show us the possibilities similar to the SI tablet magazine and Bonnier tablet magazine prototype.

As digital media publishing industry leaders work in partnership with publishing tech vendors we begin to see the not so distant future of what we can provide both readers and advertisers.  One comment by ‘handrail’ on the Wired video reads, “I would buy an ipad just for e-wired!…”

We look forward to collaboration from Adode on how to create rich media presentations throughout the print magazine design process. And we thank the the publishing pros who are sharing their progress and ideas.


Digital Magazine Publishing

Digital Magazine Solutions

Digital magazine editions are an important addition to the modern magazine brand. In addition to digital magazines (also described as electronic editions, digi mags, flip-the-page-online, or digital editions) that replicate the print magazine brand, publishers are experimenting with unique brand extension in using a digital magazine as a new content delivery channel.

The digital magazine provides magazine publishers new reach and circulation capabilities. In addition to the eco-friendly elements of digital magazines, the digital edition can become a dynamic multimedia element of the brand that provides new revenue and audience development results.

Digital magazine software is rapidly changing and the right digital edition solution will contain features specific to the publisher business model.

Digital circulation and digital issue access are important questions to ask service based digital edition vendors. If you are selecting a digital magazine software tool for in-house production you will also want to understand the upgrade, maintenance, and support process with your digital publishing software vendor.

The digital magazine system or service is just one element of a properly implemented digital magazine publishing program. Following a review of the right digital circulation and marketing strategy, we will determine how the revenue and cost advantage capabilities of the candidate digital edition tools will best fit your specific magazine business model.

Key elements of digital magazine solutions:

Digital Magazine Presentation – The digital edition presentation must align the style and design foundations of the publication to the digital presentation and page action of the digital tool to meet reader expectations.

Digital Edition Advertiser Capabilities – Advertisers should have premium presentation options to enhance their ad program with digital elements that leverage multimedia and direct lead or campaign conversion capabilities. Many of the advertising capabilities can be configured based on your overall digital media kit plan for premier ad partners.

Digital Edition Features – Features are focused on the utility user. A common utility user is typically focused on capabilities relative to using content found in the B2B, technical, or professional magazines. While features are common to the evaluation of digital magazine vendors, the core print, clip, email, search, goto, and player control decisions should be driven based on general user expectations. Features are very interesting to publishers but often become noise and clutter to novice and new digital readers.

User Experience – The digital magazine user interface and experience is of paramount importance in selecting a digital magazine publishing system. Simplicity of navigation through the digital edition and content presentation to support the common digital readers browse through an issue is a critical element that requires more of an understanding of the publication and reader demographic than the digital software or service.

Digital Magazine Content and SEO – It is very important to understand the domain based SEO (search engine optimization) implications of how your digital magazine is positioned and the domain name, ownership, server locations, and server performance factors that relate to these dimensions. Content is typically not optimized for search when presented as a derivative of the digital magazine production process. There may be important reasons you do not want to allow your content to be indexed from the actual digital magazine player.

Digital Edition Page Level Social Media – Social media capabilities are critical to the readership marketing capabilities of both controlled and paid digital circulation publishing models.

Digital Magazine Issue Reporting – Reporting capabilities will provide advertising, editorial, and issue marketing intelligence that will improve how each subsequent issue is positioned and augmented with multimedia features.