Solution Cost Estimates

Cost visibility and project investment should be clear for customers. Our estimates demonstrate our mid-tier cost range yet we offer premium design & business value based upon these core additions

#1 Our magazine publisher consulting capabilities and strategy approach in full service projects provides critical value when designing for the magazine media business

#2 Our solutions focus on the importance of revenue generation to return publisher investment as well as the audience growth that ultimately fuels magazine brand growth

Startups & New Publications

We understand our full service segment estimates below are outside the budget capabilities of publishers not currently generating revenue. Contact us for a monthly service program and guidance into basic revenue focused operations.

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Established Small – Large Publishing Groups

Our web design, content management system (CMS) and digital magazine (Vertical Editions) solutions for magazine publishers are provided in a full service partnership during 1-3 month engagements. We understand larger publishing group teams have specific requirements for digital experience improvement. We provide quotes for each project assignment and are happy to collaborate with publishing team members during each phase of the project.

We also provide ongoing monthly services for publishers for web content design, site administration, enewsletters, digital media kits, ad platform administration and digital editions.

Properly designed publisher solutions include a publishing business strategy for immediate and NEW digital revenue to the publisher which exceeds the full solution investment plus audience experience improvement and magazine growth opportunities.

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*Existing publishing business model conversion and other full service option additions increase total proposal quotations.  There is no software cost for open source CMS solutions and fees are based on configuration, theming, content structure and customizations.

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