The Magazine Directory

The magazine directory is an excellent way for you to provide resource to your audience while enabling your advertiser community to demonstrate where their products and services fit within your industry niche.  As publishers look for new ways to increase revenue, look at how many aspects of the online supplier guide can help your readership community stay in touch with innovative ideas and products from suppliers.  Beyond the basic supplier profile, many suppliers have new ideas, events, portfolios, and case studies that can also become a dimension of this publisher website channel.

There’s certainly a huge revenue potential for the magazine’s online resource directory. The classified or marketplace section of the print magazine has always provided consistent revenue.  Tie these packages together.  Be sure to allow the small and innovative marketplace entrants a place at this table.  Many innovative startups might just be your key full brand advertisers in 1-3 years and they may have the most interesting industry innovation stories to share today.

I’ve recently updated and shared our own listing in key publications where our target publisher audience will find us too!



By David Blankenship